Showroom Auto | Concept


Showroom Auto – Architecture concept by Simion Popa

Functionally the building is a combined office building, car salesroom and workshop. Formally we worked with two ideas, in which the first one was to work with dynamic curves, with each office floor offset in and out independently with its own curvature – inspired by the speed and dynamic which characterizes moving traffic.

Secondly, I introduced further themes in the endless façade by developing the story of what happened when a mighty force “bent” the building into place: Cracks would occur, and therefore we built stylized “cracks” to visualize the bending. The building is terraced to accommodate the falling terrain and hight of the neighbouring builidings.


Urban project | site analysis [phase 1]

Phase 1: Site Analysis, Decebal area located in Oradea, Romania.
Characteristics of the proposed by:
– Traffic Study
– Noise-pollution Study
– Functions-Study
– Height-Study
– Sunshine-Study
– Green-space Study
– Attractions Study
– S.W.O.T analysis

This project aims to develop cooperation and teamwork for students of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction. Team Members: stud.Bondas Daniel, stud.Gradinar Razvan, stud.Popa Simion, stud.Marcus Roni.




Urban project | hotel concept [phase 2]

urban 1The project aims were to design a futuristic and attractive hotel concept for Oradea city. This is a group project we made in the third year of study at the Faculty of Construction and Architecture from Oradea. The project is divided into two phases, site analysis and the concept hotel itself. Concept spiral hotel was proposed to be build in the middle of city, on the right bank of the river crossing the city. Due to the form, each room possesses its own character while all the rooms share the same organic attitude toward the interiors space, the asymmetric holes look like bee house. By taking a regional form and adapting it to modern needs, our hotel concept radiates as an urban landmark while maintaining a culturally sensitive design in the region.” urban 2 luncan_2copy luncan_3copy

Static nature | Graphite

Project: Graphical representation of thepresented group of objects.
It required the correct construction of the proportion between the objects and the suggesting of texture by pencil hatching.
Working time: 5 hours

Achieved by participating at the Olympics Arts and Architecture competition | National phase.

Simion Popa