“Bølger” – Udsmykning Valsemøllen

dav(K01_H3_N01_Projekt udsmykning Valsem370lle.jpg)

Projekt: Facade udsmykning
Bygning: Valsemøllen
Sted: Esbjerg
Dato: November 2017

Jeg har udarbejdet et forslag til udsmykning af facaderne på Valsemøllens ny opførte bygning. Mit forslag har jeg kaldt ”Bølger” og er inspireret ud fra, at jeg synes bygningen er et bindeled mellem byen og havet/haven.

Bølge elementerne er projekteret til at blive produceret i en glat stål overflade og er en form, som øger dynamikken af lys og skygger der afspejles på betonfacaderne. For at opnå en god visuel oplevelse af bølge elementerne om aften, er de blevet produceret med LED belysning på bagsiden der er integreret i elementet, som forstærker effekten af hver enkelt bølge.

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Samsung Note 4 | Concept

This is my personal design for the new Samsung Note 4 | Dark Blue edition

The smartphone comes with a quad HD AMOLED display 5.7 inch diagonal. As you can see in the renderings the display has no bezels and the fingerprint scanner was embedded on the home button. On the rear of the device is a 21.5MP camera with F/1.8 aperture and LED flash, while around the front is an 8MP shooter.
I have also created a new more simplistic looking Samsung TouchWiz UI and audio is supplied by some Bang & Olufsen speakers, while the handset is manufactured using glass and aluminium.

Category: Design Product
Working time: 6 hours
Software: Inventor, Archicad, Artlantis, PhotoShop

Samsung note 4 concept

The concept was published on a several popular online phone magazine in the world, including: England, France, Romania, Russia, Korea.

Note* I’ll remind you that this is just a concept and have nothing to do with actual Samsung products that will be unveiled later this year. The Galaxy Note 4 will probably be unveiled around IFA 2014 in September.

Expansion joints | Design

I’ve created this 3D modeling of a metallic expansion joints by using Autodesk Inventor.
From long time ago I wanted to try something new, something completely outside of my interest and totally different of what is called architecture.
Because of my current job, I became somehow interested in compensators, as a functionality and form and how 3D printers can be implemented to facilitate the manufacturing work.
SP 005
SP 003
Prt sc Simion Popa

Youth centre | Concept

This project aims where to design a place where youths can access computers, where they can meet, learn to dance or simply skateboard.
Its conceptual origins are related to the need for diversification of activities within the city.
The project ideea is to establishes itself as an urban magnet, a center of attraction within the urban fabric.
The pedagogical concept of this centre is the use of sport as a catalyst, the attraction of skate park and various interior spaces facilitates as a means of social integration for the youth.
Using a very dynamic and nonconformist form, the building aims to attract teenagers by it’s modern look and functions.
Simion Popa 04
Simion Popa 05